Thursday, June 25, 2020

I Am Not Neutral

I am not entirely sure how this happened, but it has come to my attention that some of my white friends and family think I am neutral when I speak about the protests and about politics, that I'm playing the "neutral card" or the "playing it cool" to just "show off" that I'm a "white ally" to my "liberal friends."

If I appear that way to you in a discussion then you are sorely mistaken. I am not neutral, nor am I trying to win white ally points. If you think that from things I say, especially when I am addressing you, what that means is, I'm being very very nice in the way I approach you because I care about my relationship with you and I am doing my best to preserve our relationship. 

I have had nightmares about having to cut certain people out of my life because they voted for a fascist dictator. I have had nightmares about my Black sister dying before her time and leaving her children motherless. I worry about the world those children are growing up in that tells them that they are fundamentally less than someone else because of their dark skin. Such beautiful souls being cruelly crushed under the weight of racism before they can even say a word.

No. I am not neutral. 
I am anti-fascist. 
I am anti-racist. 

I am kind. I am compassionate. I am inclusive.

I am radical in my ability to feel unconditional love for anyone and everyone. 

But never. 

Never mistake that for passivity or neutrality.
Never mistake that for endorsement of evil ideas.

Fascism is evil. 
Racism is evil. 
Sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, are all expressions of evil thought. 
Unregulated capitalism is evil. 
Wealth hoarding is evil, every billionaire is a wealth hoarder.
Destroying our environment is evil, especially now since we have tools to undo the damage we have done but we refuse to do so as a society because capitalism is our national god, and changing that is intolerable, especially to those in power. The ultimate eff you got mine.

Good power is about having power with not power over people and nature. It is shared, like a birthday cake is at your birthday party. 

I don't care how nicely you wrap it up, but rot is still rot, and if you don't do something about the rot the roots of the fruit-bearing tree you rely on dies. 

You dishonor your soul, your Heart, who you truly are, when you allow that to happen, and you do this by by espousing evil ideas, by supporting evil people in doing evil things, by finding excuses for these things. You may be a good person fundamentally, but the lies you have grown up with, the lies you believe, the justifications and rationalizations you make, are still destroying the good fruit of your tree. To preserve your tree you have to heal the rot.

So no. I am not neutral. 
Not by a long shot. 
If you want to do something about the rot that's killing your fruit-bearing tree, I will help you do that. There are no throw away souls. But if you continue to try to spread the rot instead of healing the rot, I will stand my ground and say no.

You might feel like that suddenly means I don't love you. But that is not true. Of course I love you. But you aren't the one whose life is in danger. You are the one rescinding your hand from helping to save lives. So I have to say no, that is not okay. 

And then it's up to you to listen or not. I hope you do. 
Heal the rot.